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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill



Founder of Amdocs, one of Israel’s largest, and most established high-tech companies in the world.

Foresight and business acumen were key to achieving his first large-scale success in the business world with the establishment of Israel’s Golden (Yellow) Pages, Morris also founded the first World underwater observatory in Eilat – a revolutionary concept that his company Coral World International also ‘exported’ to other countries. Morris co-founded the Aurum Group, and proceeded to establish companies in diverse fields, including, among others, Golden Lines and Golden Channels, and was instrumental in the entry of global corporations AT&T and AIG into the Israeli market.

Yellow Pages developed an advanced software system was the springboard for the birth of  AMDOCS which today provides services around the entire world. Morris understood the importance of databases for business and economic development, and transformed Amdocs into a global leader in its field. The technological developments, high standards and corporate culture promoted by Amdocs laid the groundwork for the high-tech industry in Israel, also known as the Start-Up Nation.

Striving to make the world a better place for present and future generations, His business success has made it possible for Morris to dedicate most of his time and fortune to his true passion: philanthropy. Here, too, he has broken barrier

His philanthropic work is diverse and original.

LEAD - leadership development program providing tools for our next generation of leaders.

Jinka eye camp –Ethiopia- Due too many reasons – such as certain cultural traditions, poor nutrition, the lack of proper sanitation, and the absence of any ophthalmological services – many of the region's inhabitants suffer from eye problems, primarily cataracts and trachoma. The incidence of blindness due to cataracts in this region is among the highest in the world. In view of this situation, Morris chose to focus on Jinka for the eye surgery project with the clear goal of establishing an independent ophthalmology unit but most important – providing people with the ability to see.

The Therapeutic Riding Center in Tel Mond; Jordan River Village, for children with terminal diseases.;

Save a Child's Heart, an NPO for life-saving cardiac surgery for children in developing countries, which has provided surgery for 4,000 children and trained local teams in a variety of countries - a project that has shown the beautiful face of Israel to the world;

Morris has shown a strong interest in medical research for the development of cures for serious diseases. This passion has led to numerous partnerships,

He supports, among others, cutting-edge cancer stem cell research, including the establishment of a laboratory for fertility preservation among cancer patients in Tel Hashomer.; a bio-medical research laboratory focusing on genetics and genetic mapping; the establishment of Israel’s national Institute for Biotechnology, and the establishment of a Center for Systems Biology of the Human Cell at the world-renowned Weizmann Institute.The most recent collaboration was establishing the Morris Kahn & Maccabi health data institute to enhance human health by providing technological platform that will support medical breakthroughs in the fields of predictive analysis and precision medicine and significantly increase the amount of research being performed at any given moment.


Morris Kahn, met SpaceIL’s founders shortly after they established the non-profit in 2011. In their daring self-declared mission to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, he recognized his own adventurous spirit, and donated the first $100,000 to help them pursue their dream. Morris identified with the desire of Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Winetraub to accomplish an extraordinary feat, which would advance the Israeli civilian space industry and put Israel on the map as the fourth country to land on the moon – an achievement previously accomplished only by three superpowers. But even more importantly, he recognized the importance of the broader mission – to inspire Israel’s young generation to seek a future in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; to lay down the infrastructure that would secure Israel’s future as the startup nation for generations to come.

Since his initial meeting with SpaceIL’s three founders, Morris has been the non-profit’s strongest, most dedicated and committed supporter and backer. He has not only generously donated $40 million, but importantly, has been closely involved with the project’s development every step of the way. As SpaceIL’s President , he has been instrumental in forming collaborations with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the Israeli Space Agency, has recruited a highly qualified management team, and has enlisted the support of leading members of the scientific community, the academia and fellow philanthropists. He has been with the team through thick and thin, as they achieved one milestone after the other, helping them overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable at times, and celebrating victories with them. As the driving force behind SpaceIL, his role has been invaluable; without him, SpaceIL would not be where it is today – with its spacecraft Beresheet on its way to a successful landing on the moon.


Today, at the age of 89, with his grandchildren and great grandchildren by his side, Morris continues his far-reaching philanthropic activity modestly, and with the same sparkle in his eye as the young Zionist entrepreneur. His exemplary leadership has inspired generations of entrepreneurs and young dreamers. His desire to do good for humanity and to ensure the prosperity of the world continue to be his guiding principles



Morris Kahn was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of his support to the University and particularly for his share in founding the National Institute for Biotechnology (NIBA).


Morris Kahn was awarded the Ruppin Fellowship Honorary Award ().The award is conferred to local and international personalities contributing to society in their unique areas. Being one of the leading businessmen in Israel, in general, and one of the most prominent and influential leaders in environmental awareness, in particular, we regard Morris Kahn as a person who shares our worldview and values. We view Mr. Kahn as a partner to the way we lead, to a large extent with his generous support, For these reasons we wish to bestow on him this prestigious award, and take this opportunity to introduce to our graduates, the future generation of the state of Israel, his philosophy and worldviews on the environment, its protection and social responsibility to which each one of them is now committed, when they step out into the world and as he personally exemplifies.


Lead organization receives the President's Volunteer Service Award from the former president, the late Mr. Shimon Peres.


Morris Kahn was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate (). The Kahn family founded the Research Center for Systems Biology of the Human Cell – an innovative, interdisciplinary and visionary program promoting the research of biological systems and networks.


Received an award for managerial excellence over an extended period of time (D&B)


Morris Kahn was given the 2011 Yakir Israel Ribbon by the Council for Beautiful Israel. Kahn is a successful and visionary businessman and an international entrepreneur who has established in Israel leading companies in the communication and High-tech industries. Kahn also implements his skills in a wide range of philanthropic activities and in his enterprises in the fields of education and environment for the wellbeing of the people of Israel. Morris Kahn is the founder and chairman of the Aurec Group, currently a leading supplier in the field of communication and information services in Israel and throughout the world. The Group's holdings include corporations such as Amdocs, Golden Pages and AIG Insurance Company. In recent years Kahn . His interest in this field caused him to establish Coral World International, a company which owns and operates underwater observatories and marine parks in Israel and in other parts of the world, and Zalul Association, an environmental organization, working towards protecting Israel's streams and seashores and keeping them clean and clear (Council for Beautiful Israel).


Leadership Award was bestowed on the businessman and philanthropist Morris Kahn in recognition of his diverse and ongoing contribution for the development of the economic and social strength of the state of Israel, while demonstrating constant leadership, innovativeness and creativity, and for his ongoing contribution for marine environment conservation  (Haifa University).


Morris Kahn was bestowed an Honorary Doctorate (Bar Ilan University) for making an indelible mark on Israel economy by establishing one of the prominent global software corporations. His support in Israeli scientists who return to Israel strengthens Israel's status in the global scientific arena. His vision and dedication to promoting young leadership, preserving the environment and his social involvement contribute to improve the lives of many.


Morris Kahn received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant contribution to Israeli society (Telfed)


Morris Kah was given the International Humanitarian Award for his exceptional contribution to Israeli economy and society and for his ongoing support in "Save a Child's Heart" organization.


Morris Kahn received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel – USA chamber of commerce.


Morris Kahn was named Honorary President of the 20th Maccabiah games.


Morris Kahn was named Honorary Fellow of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

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