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Aurum Ventures MKI provides value added growth capital to exceptional entrepreneurs in the healthcare area. While we focus on investing in unique, cutting edge technologies that will mature into successful business companies, our investments reflect our own values, so we prefer investing in companies that, through their sound commercial propositions, also contribute to the well-being of mankind. Our team is comprised of senior and experienced hands-on executives who work actively with the portfolio companies in enhancing their strategic and execution capabilities. We typically take a long-term approach, understanding that ventures in the life sciences and healthcare areas take time to mature and be successful.




Beyeonics develops next-generation, innovative surgeon-centered visualization technologies that improves the surgeon’s efficiency and substantially enhances patient safety and surgical outcomes. Beyeonics’ first clinically tested system - Clarity™ – has a proven track record of providing surgeons with Augmented/Virtual Reality vision capabilities that replace surgical microscopes while allowing real-time integration of an unlimited amount of data. The Clarity platform is comprised of a Transparent Head Wearable Display that utilizes unique displays technology (originally developed by Elbit Systems for fighter planes), 3D Ultra-Resolution remote sensing cameras, and an ultra-fast Processing Core, as well as fusion and analytical tools to enable zero latency integration of information from multiple digital sources. Undergoing clinical trials since 2016 the Clarity platform has been successfully tested in numerous ophthalmic surgeries both in Israel and in the US.


PolyPid is a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company engaged focusing on targeted, localized drug delivery into the body over periods of time ranging from days to several months.The company's lead product, D-Plex for prevention of Surgical Site Infections, is initiating phase 3 clinical studies.

Beta O2 


Beta-O2 develops a bio-artificial pancreas for the cure of Type-1 Diabetes (T1D). The device is an implantable device containing insulin secreting cells. A prototype of Beta device has demonstrated clinical effect in human patients; the company is now developing the device 2nd generation, with improved design and increased cells volume.



Zebra’s mission is to provide radiologists the tools they need to make the next leap in patient care. The demand for medical imaging services is continuously increasing, outpacing the supply of qualified radiologists and stretching them to produce more output, without compromising patient care. Only by adopting new technology that significantly enhances the capabilities of radiologists, can this crisis be mitigated. Zebra is empowering radiologists with its revolutionary AI1 offering which helps health providers manage the ever increasing workload without compromising quality.



Nucleix develops, manufactures and markets innovative non-invasive molecular cancer diagnostic tests. Nucleix highly sensitive and specific tests are based on identification of subtle changes in DNA methylation patterns, and relies on a combination of a new biochemical platform in conjunction with sophisticated algorithms



VBL is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company committed to the development of a novel anti-cancer approach. VBL is publically traded at NASDAQ under the ticker symbol: VBLT.



Precise Bio develops in the field of Tissue Engineering combining 2 technology fields; Regenerative medicine technologies and 3D Bio Printing. Its vision is: “Growing live & vital complicated organs for transplant, with 3D technology”. It’s disruptive technology and experienced team aims to achieve a world with no need for organ harvesting, endless waiting lists and immunosuppressive drugs for patients requiring organs to save their life. Precise-Bio will mature the technology and reach manufacturing readiness in order to enable production of a verity of life saving organs.



Scopio Labs has developed the next generation digital microscopy platform, bringing the lab microscopy and pathology field into the 21st century. Scopio’s microscopes provide whole digital, whole slide, highest resolution, fully connected microscope slide scans, at 10X lower hardware costs.

The Scopio microscope provides very high resolution Whole Slide Images of blood, bone marrow, CSF and tissue pathology; Furthermore, Scopio microscopes can perform automated analyses of digitized slides with computer vision tools and AI, and allow remote experts to access digital slides anytime, anywhere, for review and reporting, thus eliminating the need for specialized staff at smaller clinical sites, and improving efficiency and quality of medical care.

Carevature Medical


Carevature Medical is a revenue stage medical device company. Carevature has developed the next generation spine surgery tools, for surgeries employing minimally invasive approach to degenerative spine conditions. Carevature Dreal™ is the first and only curved and powered, single-use decompression system efficient enough to handle bony tissue and precise enough to work safely around sensitive spinal anatomy. Dreal™’s unique design allows for easier and safer access, less trauma and less cost, resulting in better outcomes for both patients and the healthcare system.



KidneyCure Ltd. is developing proprietary cell therapies aiming to prevent progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. KidneyCure’s approach is based on it's proprietary 3D renal cell cluster technology, whereby special renal stem cells are extracted from the patient's kidney and grown ex-vivo to provide 3D renal cell complexes, that are subsequently injected back into the patient's kidney. This technology is expected to significantly delay CKD progression, and the resulting need for dialysis and transplantation in advanced CKD patients, thereby giving millions of patients an opportunity to live longer, higher quality lives.

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